My Story Part 2: Growing Up

In my last post I shared how my family got into CS and how my parents met. Now I would like to share some of my experiences growing up.

Age 0 to 5

I honestly had no concept of being in CS. I just knew that we were “Christian”. The first time I realized we might be different is when I hadn’t gotten vaccinated for Kindergarten but all my friends did. But like I said, I thought we were Christians just like everyone else. I even recall saying to a friend “wow you’re a Christian? Me too!”

Age 6-10

This is, when I started to notice that we were CS. I remember going to Sunday School. I remember being in a Sunday School class wehere we had to write out passages from the Bible, and I t was awful. I love the Bible now but as a 7 year old I did not find writing whole chapters from the KJV to be fun.

Around age 7, I started to go to a CS summer camp, called Crystal Lake Camps. I had fun while I was there, I made a lot of friends and got to spend a lot of time in the mountains every summer. I learned some other cool things while I went there; how to start a campfire without a match, how to canoe, horseback riding, etc. But it was also Christian Science 24/7. Before every class we would have reading from the bible and Science and Health. Our task was always to find some way to reflect “God” in whatever it was that we were doing.

Whenever I came home from camp I was always far more into CS than before. I wanted to mark the bible lesson in my books (Bibe and Sciene and Health), go to every service (including the boring Wednesday service!), and generally do only Christian Science related things. This feeling would usually go away after a week or two.

I stopped going to camp after I turned 12. It’s a silly reason but, they had promised that if you go for 5 years then you get this cool little key chain thing. I didn’t get mine so I stop going (I was a brat, I know, the Lord has been working in my heart about this now lol).

Ages 11-15

Honestly, nothing much here. Like I said previously I stopped going to camp at 12.

These were my middle school years and I remember becoming very prideful and arrogant about my religion.  I would often tell anyone would listen all about it. And people almost always gave me weird looks or flat out told me that it was cult.

Right before my 16th birthday I started having a lot of anxiety, I’m not sure why but of course I tried to “handle “it with Christian Science.

Ages 16

So as I said before my 16th birthday I started to have more anxiety, and I wanted to “handle it” in Christian Science (Really it turned out that I was definitely becoming burnt out on a lot of things, school plus being in a much more competitive orchestra).That year (2012) I decided to join the Mother Church (this is basically the Vatican for CS).

This year was the year that someone finally planted a real seed for Christ in my heart. A good friend of mine (let’s call her Natasha) is Slavic Pentecostal. I always admired her faith in God. I told her about how I was joining the Church, thinking that she would be excited for me ( I was after all under the impression that I was a Christian just like she is). She excitedly asked if I was getting baptized (something that is not done in Christian Science), which of course I answer “no we don’t do that in my religion.” Natasha told me straight up that I was not a Christian. It was such a shock, I felt so hurt. I didn’t know what to say no one had ever been so honest (besides the people who had told me before that it was a cult, but that was all they would say to me).

I went on to join the church anyways. Natasha graduated that year and got married during the summer. I saw how God had blessed her, and it was definitely something I wanted too.

Also this year I met my boyfriend, he is Eastern Orthodox (I say was because he honestly is more Protestant). He called me out on heresy a few times too. I remember once I cried so hard because he said I wasn’t a Christian since I denied the trinity (Praise God for honest Russians).

In my junior year I became very good friends with another Christian girl and also with a teacher who was Christian. We would of tent all about all of this and pray for each other (them not knowing that I was CS).

Next: The journey to Christ.

Soli Deo Gloria

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