My Story Part 5; New and Reformed

I was reading many articles and following many blogs all over the Internet about Reformed theology. At first I thought that Reformed theology was only the five points of calvinism, little did I know that there are also creeds and confessions that we hold to.

So I started looking for reformed churches in my hometown. I preferred Presbyterian, but any reformed church would do. At this point I didn’t even know that there were liberal and conservative  denominations (imagine my horror when I started finding out that almost every Presbyterian church in my city is PCUSA and mostly has female pastors.)

Around the beginning of November, I decided to visit my cities Presbyterian church, they were very nice but hardly talked about Jesus. Infact the past. Preached that something can change the world is “a smile” not God. That bothered me and after doing some research, and come to find out they were PCUSA. This was disappointing because I though I had finally found a church that was “perfect”(as perfect as a church can be of course, which we all know no church is ever truly perfect 😉 ).  So I stopped attending after a week or two. It was about December and I felt so depressed over the fact that I didn’t have a church to attend during such an important time. I wanted to try a PCA church next but it was so small that I was a little anxious and self conscious to go in (silly, I know). I have no doubt that they are a good church though.

At that moment I decided to attend an OPC church. I decided I would go on Christmas so that way I could blend in with any new people. To my surprise I did not blend in and had people constantly coming to talk to me. I left a little dazed over it because this church had been dubbed the “mega church of the OPC” ( or at least that’s what I’ve been told). I don’t even think they though I would come back, but I did. And I’ve been going for about 2 months now. I quite enjoy this church, it’s large but you still know everyone, it’s traditional worship (they have an organ!!), and the preaching is always sound. I’m taking an inquirers class in March and have been reading through Westminster Shorter Catchism.

I really think that finding a good church has had a positive influence on my day-to-day life. I’m attending school everyday, I have a far better attitude, I have better self-esteem, I have things to look forward too, I’ve made many friends, and have someone who is sheparding me.

I praise God for all that I have been through because without it I wouldn’t be where I am.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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